Middle School TRACK & FIELD

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**Middle School Track sports photos are this Thursday, April 4th starting at 3:45pm**

Coach’s Bios:

My name is Krisell J. Creager-Lumpkins, and I am a mother to an amazing 11-yr old girl, and a proud wife of almost 14 years.  I also am a U.S. Army Retiree and a full-time student.  In the Army, I held many certifications and qualifications that ranged from Public Affairs Broadcaster and Recruiter, to Emergency Operations Cell Manager and Master Trainer.  I am currently seeking my degree in Forensic Investigation/Psychology, maintaining a 4.0 GPA at Colorado Technical University.  I have proudly served on the Banning Lewis Academy of School Board of Directors for almost 5 years, and have held the offices of Treasurer, Vice President, and Director.  I also serve on the Banning Lewis Ranch Academy Foundation, as the Fundraising and Revenue Chair. 

At Banning Lewis Academy, I coach Volleyball, Track and Field, and have done so for several years.  I have been involved in sports my entire life.  I was a multi-sport athlete in middle/high school and college, as well as the Army.  I was a U.S. Army pentathlete, and founded countless athletics programs at various duty stations.  I was a gold medalist in the U.S. Olympic Shooting Qualifying competition in 2012, and a multi-sport medalist in the annual Fort Carson Commander’s Stakes for several years.  I was also a medalist while representing team Army in the “Ultimate Warrior” competition (Pentathlon-style event of cycling, swimming, shooting, track and field) in the 2012 and 2013 Warrior Games.  I absolutely love coaching, instilling confidence, facilitating passion and talent, and empowering youth to stay active.  As a coach, I prefer a heartfelt attempt, rather than a soulless perfection.  I firmly believe that hard work beats talent, when talent stops working hard.  If I can help our athletes marry talent and passion, with dedication and hard work, the sky is the limit.  As I coach, I give your students a platform to be fearless when trying new things,  the confidence needed to do so, and the tenacity to preserve courage over fear.

Contact Information

Lizzy Clark | Middle School Track & Field Coach | eclark1@blracademy.org

Krisell Creager-Lumpkins | Middle School Track & Field Coach |

Brittney Nicholson | Middle School Track & Field Coach | BNicholson@blracademy.org

If you have questions about track & field or any activities at Banning Lewis Ranch Academy, please contact Sarah.Leschisin at sleschisin@blracademy.org