Middle School Boy's Stallions Basketball

Boys Basketball Schedule 2017-2018

For current basketball standings go to our league website at

http://ccal.myfreesites.net/ and click on the basketball tab.



Mark Carlson mcarlson@blracademy.org Head Middle School Boy's Basketball Coach

Away Game Locations

25 Oct - @ Thomas MacLaren

Location:  Played at Colorado Springs Charter Academy

2577 N. Chelton Rd Colorado Springs, CO 


27 Oct - @ Colorado Springs Christian School

Location:  4845 Mallow Drive Colorado Springs, CO


30 Oct - @ Manitou Springs

Location:  415 El Monte Place Manitou Springs, CO 


13 Nov - @ Ellicott Middle School

Location: 350 S. Ellicott Highway Ellicott, CO


17 Nov - @ Rocky Mountain Charter Academy

Location:  4620 Antelope Ridge Colorado Springs, CO 


27 Nov - @ Colorado Springs Charter Academy

Location:  2577 N. Chelton Rd Colorado Springs, CO 


4 Dec - @ Peyton Middle School

Location:  13885 Bradshaw Road Peyton, Colorado 


If you have questions about basketball or any activities at Banning Lewis Ranch Academy,  please contact Rob Wilkinson: rwilkinson@blracademy.org .