Jeff Portwood BLRA PE Teacher

Archery Club 2018  

·     Archery club will practice at BLRA (the elementary school)

·     Practices are from 6:50 – 7:25 a.m. for Prep students

·     Next week practices will be Monday, Thursday, and Friday

·     The week of the 29th: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

·     The week of the 5th: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday

·     The tournament ends February 9th!!


Student Requirements:

1.   Must be able to pull back a 20 pound bow

2.   Pay a one time fee of $2.50 by Feb. 2nd (Goes to CDW)

$$$$$ Checks payable to BLRA

3.   Must be able to get themselves to class on time

Parent Requirements:

1.   You’re responsible for making sure your child either walks to the Prep or has a ride.

On LATE start days or school CANCELLATION days, there will be NO PRACTICE!

Archers can qualify for Western Nationals.  Practices for those students will start on April 2nd.  They must qualify for Nationals and transportation and funding for that trip will be on parents. More info for the qualifiers will be given when the results of the virtual tournament is released (by February 28th)

Questions:  Email Jeff Portwood at: