Alex Holmes K-5th Grade Counselor

Jordan Voltz 6th-7th Grade Counselor

Elizabeth Wiggins 8th - 9th Grade Counselor

At Banning Lewis Ranch Academy, we care about your student’s social and emotional growth just as much as their academic achievement. Because of this, we deliver a dynamic school counseling program that teaches the skills necessary to help students resolve conflicts, communicate effectively, learn from mistakes, take responsibility for their actions, develop goals for the future and identify personal strengths.  We do this through a number of methods:

  • Classroom guidance lessons
  • Small group
  • Short term individual counseling
  • Collaboration with staff and families

If we can support your student in anyway, please contact us.

Counseling Department Mission Statement:

The counseling department at Banning Lewis Academy supports the safe, positive school environment by delivering a systematic, comprehensive school counseling program.  By focusing on academic success, social-emotional growth, and college and career readiness, all students will be prepared to reach their full potential.

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