Character development



Character education includes and complements a broad range of educational approaches such as whole child education, service learning, social-emotional learning, and civic education. All share a commitment to helping young people become responsible, caring, and contributing citizens.

Middle/High School 

The BLA Order/House System is a student organizational structure designed to support, encourage and inspire students through the establishment of vertical divisions to achieve specific academic and student leadership objectives. The system replaces the traditional horizontal groupings of school class, age, and grade level by creating smaller integrated communities of students within the student body. The System also provides a framework for student governance allowing greater opportunity for development of meaningful leadership. 


To increase peer-to-peer support for each student. 

To ensure individual care for each student with at least two adults who will monitor and support the academic, social, moral and behavioral growth of each BLA student. 

To multiply occasions to build strong, healthy student relationships. 

To develop leadership skills in every student. 

Unique Outcomes for the BLA System 

Enhanced school-family spirit spanning through grade class divisions. 

More robust opportunities for all BLA students to be trained as leaders through hands-on service gaining meaningful and valuable leadership experience. 

More robust leadership opportunities for all students. 

Stronger interpersonal relationship skills for each student. 

More focused support internalizing BLA’s character development.