Banning Lewis Preparatory ACADEMY Expansion 2016-17

Opening Day in 2017!!!

Opening Day in 2017!!!

Banning Lewis Preparatory Academy – We’ve Expanded to K-12!!!

Banning Lewis Preparatory Academy (BLPA) is our new secondary campus that opened in the fall of 2017 for grades 6-9. We are adding one high school grade level each year so that our first graduating class is the Class of 2021!!!


During the spring of 2016, in a unanimous vote, the Falcon District 49 School Board approved BLRA’s application for expansion to our charter agreement from K-8 to K-12. The new Banning Lewis Preparatory Academy (BLPA) opened to freshmen in the fall of 2017. We added a sophomore class in fall 2018, to be followed in subsequent school years by a junior class and our first senior graduating class in the fall of 2020 graduating in 2021!!

BLPA offers a rigorous, college prep, high school experience that is consistent with tradition of excellence established over our first decade as a K-8 charter school. The high school program includes rigorous academic coursework, daily use of technology, athletics, and more.

Our Banning Lewis Ranch Academy (BLRA) campus location continues to house our elementary grades.  With two campuses, we have been able to open seats to more students in all grade levels.

We are so thankful to our families and entire school community for your interest and support in this long sought after expansion project.

BLPA Foundation Pour

BLPA Foundation Pour


Q:  Where is the new MS/HS campus located?

A:  About one mile east of our original campus at 9433 Vista Del Pico Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80927

Q:  When did the new campus open?

A:  The new Banning Lewis Preparatory Academy campus opened in the fall of 2017 for students in the 6th through 9th grades. 

Q:  How big is the new MS/HS campus?

A:  The 80,000+ square foot Banning Lewis Preparatory Academy campus has capacity for 450 middle school students and 600 high school students at the new Banning Lewis Preparatory Academy campus.

Q:  My child currently attends BLRA, will they have to apply to attend BLPA?

A:  No, our enrollment policy will remain the same for all grade levels.  Every student who has been attending BLRA, will have the opportunity to continue their education at BLPA.  Attendance at BLRA is the best way to ensure a seat for MS and HS at BLPA.

Q:  How do I enroll my student for the next school year?

A:  The online process may be accessed at during that window.  For additional questions regarding enrollment, please feel free to email at or call 719-575-0075.

Q:  What sports are offered at Banning Lewis Preparatory Academy?

A: We currently offer the following ten sports:

  • Fall: Cross Country (Boys and Girls), Football, Spirit (a.k.a. Cheerleading) and Volleyball (Girls)
  • Winter: Basketball (Boys and Girls) and Spirit (a.k.a. Cheerleading)
  • Spring: Soccer (Girls) and Track & Field (Boys and Girls)

Q:  What if I’m interested in participating in a sport that isn’t offered at BLPA?

A:  Any student in the State of Colorado who seeks participation in a sport that is not offered at the student’s school of attendance may participate in that sport at another school in either the student’s district of attendance or district of residence. If neither district offers that sport, then the student may participate in another nearby district.  Our BLPA team has a great deal of expertise in this area and will be available to assist parents with this process.

Q:  How was the new Banning Lewis Preparatory Academy campus construction project funded?

A:  Banning Lewis Ranch Academy issued bonds to refinance our previous bond and to provide us with additional dollars for the construction of our second campus.  We are also actively seek grants and other funding opportunities in order to offset facility and bond costs.

Q:  Did this raise my taxes?

A:  No – This construction project did not raise taxes.  The funding to pay back the bonds comes from per pupil revenue.  Every school receives this revenue (District and Charter schools) to pay the operating expenses.  In the case of charter schools, these funds are also the source for building costs (whether it is bond payments or leases).  As stated previously, if we can find other revenue sources to support the building costs, then this will allow a greater percentage of the per pupil revenue to be applied directly the classroom.

Q:  I heard the District is building an elementary school in the Banning Lewis Ranch community?

A:  Yes, Vista del Pico Elementary is being built next to the Banning Lewis Preparatory Academy to be open for Fall 2019..

Q:  How can we get involved?

A:  Check our school website ( for updates on upcoming events and meetings.  The BLRA Foundation also has many opportunities to participate –

Q:  What if I have more questions?

A:   The best way to reach out with additional questions is to email us at